Sunday, April 5, 2009


On Friday I learned about Hitler.

He was great at rousing the emotions of the German people. He convinced them that the Jews were at fault for Germany's problems. He was viewed as a god. His assistant used only positive propaganda to inspire the Germans. He made a program kind of like the boyscouts to desensitize the children so they wouldn't have any compassion for the people they were killing. In the Hitler youth organization they brainwashed the kids to believe what hitler was promoting. The girls also had an organization. They danced and did artistic things which they enjoyed. They learned to cook and clean and become good mothers.

Not all the youth believed what Hitler was selling. There were several groups who met at night to come up with ideas for anti-nazi propaganda. Some groups just wanted to be like English teenagers listening to music from America and dancing during the nighttime.

But most of the people who heard Hitler in Germany fell in love with his ideas. He was truely a smart speaker. He got Germany on his side.

He was mostly a very bad person. He wanted to create the master race. Blond hair and blue eyes were the best features a person could have. He wanted to make a race of only tall and attractive people. He preached that he was mostly Ayrean (the master race), but he didn't look like the typical Ayrean. The other races were meant to serve the master race in his eyes. Even lower than that race was the "Sub-Humans" which included Jews. He wanted to kill them. He had Dr. Josef Mengele perform expieriments to improve the Ayreans.An example of an expieriment is injecting acid into peoples eyes. Dr. Mengele got away to South America where he lived until the 1980's.

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