Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Astronaut symptoms

Yesterday in Science class I learned what happens to an astronaut in space.

Normally, gravity pulls blood to your legs. But in space the blood is not pulled to the ankles, legs and feet. It is free to flow wherever. A lot can go to the face.

We decided to try this out ourselves. You can see the differences after and before.

To do this lay down and elevate your feet and relax. Blood will flow from your legs to your head. Your eyes will be glassy. Notice no wrinkles when the face is full.

Astronauts also have other things happen to them in space. Muscle deteriation and bone deteriation can happen after just 6 days. It will take some time back on earth to get
everything back to normal, this is why astronauts need to exercise. If an astronaut doesn't exercise properly their bones could never recover.

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